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Asogan Padayachee

Asogan is one of the senior partners. A certified accountant, Asogan has vast experience in business and is passionate about bringing results to clients.

  • B.Compt(Unisa)
  • Professional Body : S.A. Inst. Of Professional Accountants
  • Professional Designation : Professional Accountant (S.A.)
  • SARS : Registered Tax Practitioner
  • Professional Experience : More than 16 years experience in Professional Practice
  • Areas of experience : Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Consulting, Finance, IT
  • Worked on projects/clients large and small. I think there is a bit you can take from the blog.

Mohammed Goga

Mohammed is the senior Tax Partner at Execubiz. Mohammed has extensive experience in assisting clients in resolving tax issues in the following industries: He has over 14 years of professional experience (including 8 years at the Big 4 firms). Mohammed has experience in tax, accounting and consulting to a wide array of clients.

  • CA (SA)
  • H Dip in Tax

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