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Our Execubiz Medical Practice Accounting and Tax division is geared to help you, the medical specialist to take care of the detail so you can focus on the BIG picture.

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Who we are

Execubiz Medical Practice Division is a full service financial and consulting services provider. We are all things finance to the medical practitioners. We take a long term view on engagements. We have Doctors and Specialists who are at different stages in their professional lives; from the recently graduated to the ones contemplating retirement.

Our service engagement begins by understanding where YOU want to go, we then look into our bag to find you the best combination of financial instruments. Watch our video to learn more about how the EMPD has positioned itself to provide you the future you want.

What EMPD customers say

I am very pleased with the service I have received from the team at Execubiz thus far. As a new client with a new practice I am impressed at how efficient, professional and friendly the team are. Keep up the good work. I will definitely refer Execubiz to my fellow colleagues in the medical profession.
Dr S. Maharaj (Specialist Anaesthetist)

I have been using the services of Execubiz for a few years and am happy to have found an accounting firm just the right size for an average practitioner. Some are too small and give no more than a book keeping service, while other firms are too big and you are of little importance. Execubiz provides accounting, management and tax advice appropriate for you.
Dr Y.E. Osman (Specialist Occupational Health)

Our approach

The EMPD division has a specialised approach to you as a medical practitioner.

The EMPD division has a specialised approach to you as a medical practitioner. We

  1. Goal Setting : What do you want eventually, retire early, sell, get another partner, handover to family, etc. Your goals for your practice and for your life inform the nature and scale of the financial planning that we have to put in
  2. Analysis : What are your realistic options, what tax structures are available for each option, your pricing structure, etc. If you have a practice that has significant overhead, we need to look at what administrative controls and practices need to be improved
  3. Execution : How do we execute the programme?
  4. Execution Support and Results Monitoring : Having a plan is good. But real life gets in the way; you get married, another baby, health scare, etc. After any major incident or milestone, we sit down with you to re-examine and re-purpose the plan if necessary.

Our Team

We have a multidiciplinary team. We are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

Understanding our client's needs and setting realistic goals are the first steps to our approach.

Our Service Charter

Our service charter keeps the customer firmly in the driver's seat. No jargon, no double-speak. Put our charter to the test.